General Terms and Conditions of Contract

This is to advise you that by using the website,, you as a customer (consumer) express to acknowledge and understand the provisions stipulated in this General Terms and Conditions drawn up in accordance with Sections 6:77 to 6:81 of the Civil Code (Act V of 2013). If you are contemplating to become a frequent customer in our store and to take the opportunities our webshop offers it is recommended that you should use our services only after reading these General Terms and Conditions (GTC) carefully and attentively, providing that you agree with the provisions stipulated herein and accept them binding to you.

This document is made in electronic format only. The contract with the following conditions is considered as an agreement between persons-not-present under the Civil Code.

  1. Operator’s Particulars:
  • Company Name: Saf-Hor Kft.
  • Registered Office: HU – 9025 Győr, Bokréta u. 1-3
  • Tax Number: 25975084-2-08
  • Company Registration Number: Cg. 08-09-029165
  • Contract drawn up in Hungarian language
  • Electronic mailing address:
  • Telephone: +36205018448
  • Data Protection Registration Number:
  • Bank account: 11600006-00000000-79689760
  • Registering authority:

Web Host’s Contact: KTS Informatika: +36-20/316-2431,

For the purposes of this GTC the web host operator shall be referred to herein as the Operator.

  1. Products and Services for Sale

Mobile phone accessories!

Cases, Screen Protectors, Chargers, Rechargeable

Batteries, Cables for Mobile Phones

In the Menu, the Data Sheet belonging to a Product provides a detailed description of each article.

Attention! Images of products are in some cases only illustrations, therefore they might differ from the actual product to some extent.


  1. Placement of Orders

The articles that we offer for sale can be ordered online exclusively through the Webshop and are delivered by a courier company or as another alternative the articles ordered can be picked up at our shop by the person giving the purchase order or a person authorised by the customer.

Product prices include 27% legal VAT rate, but the delivery costs are not included.

When a price of any product is indicated incorrectly by the Operator, despite acting with the expectable due diligence, and the price indicated is different from the generally accepted one, although the Operator shall not be obliged to sell the goods at an incorrect price the opportunity must be provided to the customer to purchase the goods at the real price indicated in the order confirmation. The customer shall be entitled to cancel the contract if (s)he refuses to buy the products at the real price.

Packaging costs shall not be charged. The delivery tariffs under Terms of Delivery in the menu form integral part of these GTC.

Terms of Delivery

The goods ordered in the Webshop are delivered by the courier companies, the GLS Hungary Kft. or the Magyar Posta Zrt. Note that delivery term might differ depending on the destination country. The goods dispatched will be delivered by the courier between 8:00 a.m. and 17:00 on weekdays.

To receive the goods, it is essential that customers should specify a delivery address that they are at on weekdays between 8:00 a.m. and 17:00. It should not be taken granted that the GLS and Hungarian Post Logistics couriers will call the customer to notify him/her of the exact time of arrival at the provided address for the purpose of delivery.

If the consignee is not found at the provided delivery address the courier will leave a notice. The consignee is expected to call-back the courier at the telephone number indicated in this notice meanwhile the mail will be stored by the courier company in its depot before delivery is attempted again.

In our Webshop customer may select a product category to search for the desired items in the available product range. A brief description, the price and a non-exhaustive list of the product features are also indicated relevant to each article. By clicking on the image or name of the article the customer will find more detailed specifications on the products. Should you need any further information relevant to a product, please, do not hesitate to contact the Operator via the telephone number provided among the Operator’s contact information.

Placement of Orders

  1. Click on the Cart symbol to put the desired product into the Cart.

You may search among the selection without registration, however, for the order placement you will need to log in. Registration is indispensable for login. You will be able to register under the following menu. If you have already registered, but forgot your password, use the Password reminder option to log in. Enter the e-mail address you used for registration and you will receive your password in e-mail. To get logged in, use the Menu ‘Login’. Enter your registered e-mail address and password and clock on Enter. When logging in is successful you will see your registered e-mail address and the Exit in this window. Click on Exit to leave the Webshop, when you wish.

  1. Use the menu ‘Your Cart’ to check or edit the products in your cart. You may view and modify the quantity or colour of products in your cart and you can select the most appropriate payment method and way of delivery, or you may even delete an item. The opportunity to fully empty your cart is also given. Should you wish to add any more goods to your cart, click on “Continue shopping”. If you find everything fit to your needs and you decide to place the order, click on Checkout to finalise the purchase.
  2. Once you have finalised the order, you will receive an automatic order confirmation in e-mail to let you check your order again. No order confirmation received will suggest that your order is left unaccepted by the system. In such a case, please, do not hesitate to contact us using the Operator’s contact info.

When your order is processed you will receive an e-mail with the notice that your order is closed. Delivery of the products will take place thereafter.

You may follow the processing of your order using the menu ‘My orders’ until it is closed. You can find here every previously placed order with our Webshops here. Each order is identified with a number.

  1. Registration

When shopping at our webshop for the first time you must provide your particulars for the purchase, such as your name, billing and delivery address, e-mail address and the password for later login. Before registration is finalised you need to accept the conditions. Your registration will be confirmed in e-mail. The customer must treat the password confidentially. Should any unauthorised third person get hold of the customer’s user name and password the Data Manager shall not assume responsibility for any damages or detriments. By giving their e-mail addresses, the users consent to receive technical messages from the Operator/ host. Upon request the Operator shall be obliged to delete the registered data from the system. For safety reasons the request for deleting will become effective if the user confirms the request for deletion in e-mail, thus it can be avoided that a person deletes some other person’s data from the registration system deliberately or by mistake. Registration is identified by the e-mail address, so an e-mail address can be registered only once.

No liabilities are attached to the registration.

  1. Processing the Orders

Orders are processed for the actual weekdays until 14:00. Orders can be placed beyond the order-processing period as well, but the order will be processed only the next day if the order is placed beyond the business hours. If an order is accepted, it will be performed within 1 to 3 workdays following order confirmation provided that the ordered products are on stock. If the products are not available on stock, the delivery term is prolonged to 2 to 4 weeks depending on the place of purchase.

Our Company shall not assume liabilities for any possible changes to the technical specifications of the product without prior notice due to causes attributable to the supplier or beyond our Company’s control.


  1. Payment for the Goods and Delivery Costs

The ordered products are payable

  • In advance via bank transfer: when the order confirmation is sent, you will find in the e-mail, our bank account number and the order number you need to refer to in the notice line when giving the order to the bank to the remittance. When the remitted sum is credited on our bank account we will dispatch the goods and assign the courier to perform delivery of the ordered goods (you will find our bank account number among the Operator’s particulars as well)
  • Payment in person: You pay the purchase price of goods in Forint in person at the Operator’s registered seat / business premises, in cash or by debit/credit card.
  • We accept payments by debit/credit card: MasterCard, Maestro, Visa, Visa Electron, American Express
  • Cash-on-delivery: Goods are delivered by the courier (GLS Hungary Kft. or Hungarian Post Logistics Zrt.) to the designated home or other delivery address, where the Customer is expected to pay the invoiced amount to the courier in cash. In the case of cash-on-delivery payments the sum of purchase price plus the delivery cost and the cash-on-delivery charges shall be payable.
  • In the case of cash-on-delivery the Customer shall pay for the products to the courier upon delivery of the parcel.

The total sum payable shall include all the costs in accordance with the order and the order confirmation. The invoice and the warranty certificate are included in the parcel. Check the parcel upon delivery in the presence of the courier and request recording of any damage or loss of the product and refuse acceptance of the parcel. We cannot accept any claims subsequently without any such records of damages.

Delivery Tariffs

Delivery Tariffs may vary in every country!

  • When orders are placed with cash-on-delivery performance the delivery costs and the charges for cash-on-delivery will be added to the price.


  1. Term of Delivery

When the products are available on stock orders shall be performed within 1 to 10 workdays. The term of delivery shall be 1 to 5 weeks when the goods are not on stock.

  1. Information on Home Delivery

All orders placed at our Webshop are delivered exclusively by the couriers of GLS Hungary Kft. Parcels are delivered on weekdays between 07:00 a.m. and 17:00. Practically the designated delivery addresses need to be ones that you stay at in the interval specified about to be able to receive the courier during the day and to ensure that the price of the goods along with the delivery costs and, if applicable, the cash-on-delivery charges are duly paid to the courier.

Place orders for goods exclusively, provided that you are absolutely sure to be able to pay the above costs in full to the courier upon delivery. Delivery costs and the costs of return shall be charged by us to the Customer in the case of parcels returned and we are able to repeat sending of the parcel again provided that price including all costs are paid in advance.

Should you have any further questions related to the webshop operation, order placement or shipment, please do not hesitate to contact the Operator at the contact addresses provided.


  1. Delivery by Post

Loss, partial loss or damage to the parcel must be reported upon delivery in the delivery documents. Failing to do so you will forfeit rights for any remedy. In the lack of delivery documents, you are obliged to report any damages to the Post without delay with reference to any documents related to the mail within the forfeiture term – that is within 3 days after receipt.


  1. Cancellation

In accordance with the provisions set forth in Government Decree 45/2014 on contracts made between persons-not-present, the provisions stipulated in this Section herein shall apply exclusively to customers that are considered Consumers. A Consumer shall be entitled to cancel the contract within 14 business days after delivery and receipt of the ordered goods without giving reasons and by returning the goods in its original unopened packaging. Should the Consumer intent to exercise right of cancellation the Operator must be notified of this explicitly in writing (sent by post in registered mail with return receipt or via e-mail). Upon receiving the statement of cancellation, the Operator shall be obliged to confirm to the Consumer understanding without delay. In the case of cancellation by the Consumer the products must be returned within 14 days to the Operator after notification of cancellation is received. Costs of returning shall be borne by the Consumer.

Should the consumer exercise right of cancellation, the Operator shall be obliged to refund to the Consumers any payments within 14 days after the cancellation notice is received, including shipment costs, except for cases when the consumer has chosen a delivery way that entail extra costs different from normal delivery. The service provider shall be exempt from the repayment liability until the returned goods are received or the Consumer has provided credible evidence regarding the return dispatch of goods. The Operator shall be obliged to regard the earlier.

The Operator may claim from the Consumer compensation for damages due to improper use. To this end you must act with utmost care to follow proper use of the product, otherwise the Consumer shall be liable for any damages due to improper use.

Upon receipt of the parcel by our Company, a video record is made to document opening of the parcel and inspection of the returned goods. This is indispensable to avoid any subsequent disputes (for instance regarding damage or loss of returned goods)


The Consumer shall not be entitled to the right of cancellation:

  • in the case of products with prices strongly influenced by the money-market changes beyond the Company’s control.
  • in the case of custom-made non-prefabricated products, purposefully tailored to the Consumer’s specific requirements and needs,
  • in the case of products when the Operator acts upon the Consumer’s special request when urgent repair or maintenance is ordered.
  1. Warranty

Considering certain products distributed by the Operator a warranty period of one (1) year shall apply in accordance with the Government Decree 151/2003 on the rules of compulsory warranty period relevant to durable consumer goods starting from the date of receipt. The customer shall not be entitled to warranty when the fault emerged after the handing over to the Consumer. In respect of products not falling in the scope of the decree referred to above, the warranty provided by the manufacturer shall be indicated next to the product. The Operator will be competent in giving further advice regarding this when troubles occur. During the warranty term the Consumer shall be entitled to repair or replacement of the faulty product free of charges. Repair under guarantee shall extend to faults due to flawed manufacturing. Warranty conditions shall be valid on condition that the instructions stipulated in the user’s manual are also followed.

In the case of product failure, use the address or telephone number provided in the warranty certificate attached to the product to obtain information regarding the use of warranty. The Customer shall bear the costs of transporting the faulty product to the service point for repair under warranty. You may send the faulty product to our address, too, directly to the service-point of our Webshop. Note that we are able to accept only post-paid mails, otherwise the parcel will be returned to the sender. Only brand-new parts will be integrated in the product when repair under warranty is needed. The Operator shall do its best to accomplish the repair or replacement under warranty within 30 days. The Operator shall bear all the costs emerging in the course of actions under warranty.

The provisions of Sections 6.171 to 173 of the Civil Code shall apply to warranty procedures.

  1. Warranty for Defects

In the case of product defects, the Operator shall be obliged to provide warranty for defects under Sections 6:159 to 167 of the Civil Code.

  1. Management of Complaints

The Operator shall be obliged to record any complaints and retain any such records or claim reports along with the response at the Operator’s premises for a period of five years as of the date of report. The Operator shall be obliged to investigate any complaints and to give a substantive response within 30 days following the receipt of any complaints or claims. Should the complaint be refused by the Operator the decision must be reasoned in writing. Disputes arising from the contract with the Operator shall be settled amicably by way of an agreement reached between the parties or the dispute shall be settled by the authority competent in consumer protection with a jurisdiction at the consumer’s residence. Should the foregoing attempts for settlement of the dispute failed the parties may seek relief from the court.

  1. Data Management

The Operator shall be obliged to manage the personal data received related to the Webshop use, and shall refrain from disclosing or transferring any such personal particulars to any third person except for its own sub-contractor (e.g. the courier company) when inevitable for the purpose of delivery.

For statistical purposes, technical information (IP address, duration of visit, etc.) are recorded when any browsing is made in the Webshop. These data may be disclosed by the Operator to the authorities exclusively in lawfully reasoned and trustworthily grounded cases. To use the services, cookies need to be accepted. You may refuse authorisation of cookies in your browser. If cookies are not authorised certain elements of the service may become partly or fully inoperative. A cookie is a file sent by the server to the user’s browser and stored afterwards by the user’s PC. Cookies do not store any personal data. Data registered during the order placement shall be used by the Operator for the purpose of performance exclusively. The data of invoices made up by the specific information system relevant to orders made at the Webshop shall be recorded and stored for the retention period under the relevant accounting law. The data provided during browsing at the Webshop or upon registration when subscribing for the newsletter shall be treated by the Operator confidentially and subsequent un-subscribing is also possible to be requested via the contact channels. You may request deleting or modification of your data anytime in writing.

Procedures initiated by the order placement shall be governed by the provisions set forth in Act CXII of 2011 and the data protection declaration of the service provider is available at the website.

  1. Other Provisions

Issues not regulated in these GTC shall be governed by the Civil Code (Act V of 2013) while contracts with consumers shall be governed by the provisions stipulated in the Government Decree 45/2014 on agreements involving parties-not-present.